Saturday, March 22, 2008

Post Marathon Laziness/Funk?

I wonder if this happens to many people after running a marathon. I know it happened to me after my first marathon in 2006, but I hadn't trained for that one and it was understandable that I would not want to run for a while after. But I've trained for Napa and was prepared for it. In fact going in to Napa I had ran 7 marathons or longer and only the first was the one that prevented me from running for anything longer than a week.

So after Napa I was sore for a while. My hamstrings were sore for a long time and held off running for almost a week. But what about the almost 2 weeks after that? Laziness, it is all I can come up with. Is this common after a marathon? Do many runners feel like not running for a while after running a great marathon? I would find excuses for not doing the scheduled run.

A strange feeling, being this inactive. Perhaps this is my body's self conscious need to recover from Napa and thus led me to not run too much. Who knows what the body is capable of, and I am sure it is capable of much more than we give it credit for.

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SK said...

Hi Brian-

I didn't run one week after my marathon early this month. My first run was a 6 miler the following Sunday of the Marathon, I felt fine but a trifle sore.

But I have had to keep pushing and not get held back by inertia to restart my next training schedule. I ave had to fight laziness. No wonder some people call it the "post-marathon" blues .