Sunday, July 27, 2008

Laziness vs. Running

Laziness is too easy to fall in to. I certainly fell victim to it. It all started with the heat, the smoke and the pulled muscle. So I was forced to rest, forced to not run. But once I realized my right quad was healed, and the smoke had cleared, and, for the most part, the heat had subsided, I should have had the go ahead to resume running. But I didn't.

I think once I got in the rhythm of not running, it was easy to say, "I'm tired, I'll run tomorrow". Then tomorrow came and it was easy to say, "Well, not today, but this weekend for sure." Oh well. It felt great to not run, ironically, since I love running so much. Strange to feel both ends of the spectrum.

But, alas, I could not stay away for that long. And after procrastinating for a few days this week I finally went out for a decent run yesterday to kick start my training for the upcoming 50ks I have in September: Stevens Creek 50k and Skyline to the Sea 50k.

My friend was having a "painting" party and I got to thinking. Gas is expensive and, hell, I haven't ran too much, why not run to his house? 5.6 miles later I was at his house. We prepared his house all day from 10 to 5, and then I turned around and ran the 5.6 miles back in the heat, after spending all day in the sun. Not the best of conditions but certainly felt great to get out there and run. I would like to say that this will be a new trend of running to the places I need to be, but I did not like the amount of cars I had to run around, with, against, across and so on, not to mention all the exhaust. Not ideal and I think it best to stay on the trails and bike paths.

Anyway, I think this was a great kick start to resume my training. I've been away a month and it felt good while it lasted, but the feeling of running during and after far outweigh being lazy around the house.

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Jill said...

uh yeah. I have done NOTHING since my splat on Saturday. It is amazing how well my body contours to the couch. I am hoping to heal by next week and be back in the zone.