Saturday, January 17, 2009

2009 Race Schedule

Not sure if I am being too ambitious. Not because of the number of marathons and 50ks I want to aim for, around 7. After all, I ran 9 marathons and 50ks last year. No, I might be a bit too ambitious because my training is essentially starting pretty much fresh. I ran 6 miles last Wednesday much faster than I thought I could after not running for 3 months, and then again 4 miles on Thursday. So I have some base and foundation still there, but I have certainly lost some of the training. I started by wanting to run a race on my birthday weekend. Last year I ran the Napa Marathon. This year the Sequoia 50k the day before my b-day is the winner. That being said, that is in a little less than a month in a half, so a training I will have to do. That being said, if I am successful than I will have my base and foundation back and thus be able to finish out the year. So it all hinges on Feb. 28th in Oakland. Here's to ambitious schedules:

2/14 Valentine Fun Run 10k
2/29 Sequoia Trail Run 50k
4/18 Ruth Anderson 50k
5/9 Quicksilver 50k
6/6 Forest of Nisene Marks Marathon
7/26 The San Francisco Marathon
8/22 iWalk Half Marathon
9/13 Stevens Creek 50k
9/27 Almaden Times Classic 10k
10/4 Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon
10/17 Oktoberfest 5k
10/25 Silicon Valley Marathon
11/26 Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

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Jill said...

I may do the Mission 10 mile in San Juan Bautista this Saturday. you gotta love a 10am start time!