Friday, May 22, 2009

The Difference A Shoe Makes

So I recently had the pleasure of visiting the doctor. You see, my foot is starting to hurt when I walk on it, especially barefoot. There is a growth on the bottom of my sole, almost directly in the front center. I presumed it was a corn, and I presumed correctly, but I had to be sure just in case. Perhaps a little background is in order.

A little over a year ago I noticed some tough skin. Nothing much, in fact thought it was a blister at first. It slowly grew. I figured all the miles I had been running were acting up. About that time my parents bought me a new pair of shoes, really nice ones fitted to me. Very comfortable. But then I took a new job and for the first month or so it was continuous walking, 8 hours a day, roughly 10 miles a day. My feet took a beating. But I wore my cheap pair of shoes that I had originally had before my parents bought me a nice pair. You would think that I would at least invest a little bit of money in shoes, but no, not the case. I bought a cheap $50 pair. I didn't know the difference. Anyways, I wore the cheap pair to work because I didn't want to ruin the new pair. I paid the price.

Apparently corns develop over time and are an inverted triangle: tip on the surface as it widens into your foot. The pressure and what hurts is that hard skin build up pressing in to the foot. It hurts especially at home when I am barefoot. So I sit down and the doctor walks in and immediately says it is a corn. Then she proceeds to tell me that corns come from improper support of the feet, oftentimes because the shoe itself is not cushioned. Doh! So all the running with a cheap throw away shoe and all the working, 8 hours a day, on a cheap throw away pair of shoes, grew a corn that hurts to walk on.

Who knew it would have that kind of effect? I should have guessed, but I didn't think it would be that drastic. The difference a shoe makes. Invest properly and spend the money for a good pair of shoes. I will never go back now...

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