Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Volcanic Spirit

When we think of hard endurance runs we think of Western States or other 100 mile events. We think of Pike's Peak Ascent, or perhaps Vermont 100. Maybe Badwater?

Well I just came across a pretty amazing race that a couple of runners decided to try and capture the spirit of. A race that involves climbing Mt. Cameroon in West Africa, then coming back down. Extreme temperatures and climate changes, not to mention the 10,000 feet of elevation gain for this marathon distance race. I had just completed a marathon that had roughly 5,000 feet elevation gain I was completely done. I cannot imagine doing twice that elevation gain in the same distance.

The video is called Volcanic Spirit. Check the trailer out, and if your interested give it a go. Now this is endurance running.

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Bill Carter said...

Hi Brian

Congrats on your first trail marathon. I think that is an amazing performance considering the elevation and the addition of another mile or so.

I've been following you for a while and you have certainly made some amazing strides (pun intended!). best of luck to you.