Monday, September 17, 2007

Night Running

Ah, I sure do love night runs. There is just something about running in the dark with the cool night air with everything completely quiet. Of course you have to watch out for the errant sidewalk jutting out that you can't see until the last minute, or dogs that mysteriously jump out at you from seemingly nowhere. I love running at night every time.

And my night runs feel so strong compared to daytime runs. Can't understand why. Today, for example. Ran 4.33 miles (weird number, I know, but that was what our loop came to) and my legs, lungs and overall endurance just felt the strongest it has ever. Perhaps there is a residual effect from the 50k, perhaps some increased lung capacity or something. Who knows, but I felt like I didn't just run a 50k a week ago and felt like I had come into this completely rested, say, perhaps, as though I had tapered off and today was the big run.

Can't get enough of night runs. I need to do more of them.


Amy@RunnersLounge said...

I hadn't the chance to stop by before and tell you congrats on your 50K. I read the race report and boy did it sound challenging! 50K is a long way and even more at that elevation. Way to go!


Joe said...

I have enjoyed running at night as well, though my particular neighborhood is very dark, only one streetlight on each corner. I am always afraid I'll roll my ankle on a pothole or something.

Nancy said...

Running at night always seems so cool but when I try it, I usually get a little freaked out!

Congrats on feeling so fresh and rested. That is awesome!!