Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Stars They Are Aligned

There are some weekends where the stars align and everything you want to do falls on that weekend. It doesn't always turn out for the best. It did this time.

My sister and I have been playing tennis this year in the Northern California USTA league for mixed doubles and have earned enough points to play in the year end Grand Prix tournament. The top eight teams gain an entry into this tournament (this year only 7 teams applied, but we were still 5th in No. Cal. so we would have been able to go anyway). But the problem was that I hadn't been playing tennis all year and had already made plans for this weekend.

The Rock n' Roll Half Marathon in downtown San Jose is on Sunday, a race I signed up for last year and have been planning for this one for a while. So what to do? USTA Grand Prix with my sister or half marathon I've planned to run months before we started playing tennis?

The stars aligned. I lucked out. Our first tennis match is today, and if we win our second match is at 2 tomorrow. The half marathon is at 8 tomorrow. Luckily I won't have to make that difficult decision and can take part in both. It will be interesting to see how my legs hold up if I win the first match and have to play the second match after running for 2 hours, but I think I will hold up.

There are only a few times that conflicting events work out in our favor. This was my time. The stars they are aligned.

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