Monday, October 29, 2007

Oi, my aching calf

Okay, so I have a chance to redeem myself for the rookie mistakes that I made at the SF marathon earlier this year. You know, starting out too fast, not drinking fluids and depleting my electrolytes, all of which lead to the painful calf problems for the last 10 miles. So I eagerly look forward to the Silicon Valley Marathon to finally be able to take what I have learned and use the endurance that I have stored up and run a good marathon.

So middle of Thursday my right calf started hurting. I ran 6 miles the day before and felt great. Woke up on Thursday and felt great. Then out of nowhere with not having done any extraneous activity my calf hurt for the rest of the day. Friday rolled around and, again, I felt great. I ran 8 miles. Around mile 2 the dull ache returned, but I pushed through it because it wasn't painful and it wasn't slowing me down or changing how I was running. The ache is still there right now. Each morning I wake up expecting it to be gone, and it does lessen some, but it is still there.

My only thoughts are of the marathon this Sunday... How will this affect me? Will it be healed by then or will there still be some discomfort? I am stubborn and if there is still that dull ache, like when I ran on Friday night, then I will start and finish the marathon.

So my question to the blogosphere... What can I do besides no running or strenuous activity in order to help my calf heal for this weekend? Is there anything I can do or just wait it out?

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