Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dear Brian, From Legs

Dear Brian,

I had a great time with you in San Francisco the other weekend. We woke up early, ran hard and long, and ultimately accomplished what we had set out to do. You've been a great friend of late and I love the time we spend together running through the hills, down paved roads or along bike paths. I mean, we are continually improving and this makes both of us feel more alive, more full of energy that we don't know what to do! Memories, they make everything alright.

But I must say that you did abuse me a little in San Francisco. Don't get me wrong, we set out to run that marathon and we did, but I was sending you some pretty big messages that I didn't think I could handle it. I didn't know what else to do, and am sorry if I caused any pain. You pushed through it, though, and showed me that half of running that long is mental. That you endured the pain and kept on keeping on. I applaud you for that.

But, alas, lay off me now! I mean it. Don't push me so hard or I will give out on you and then we will both be regretting running so hard and so much without a break. We ran the marathon, that was great, but I. Must. Heal. Leave me be. I would prefer if we didn't run at all, but if you must then start out with some light runs and feel me out. Wait and see whether I feel up to it before you head out on that long run. I knew you were itching to run yesterday, which was why I let you run 5 miles. I did it for two reasons. One, to show you I'm not ready yet. Two, to help you scratch that itch a little so that you will lay off me for a while.

I know we will be out running together again. But give it time so that we are both ready.

Your Friend,


Dear Legs,

I know, I am pushing it to hard. I know from research that I should be allowing you time to heal, that in order to avoid injury we should both lay off and recuperate slowly. I know this, I just can't seem to listen to reason. I feel weird when I can't go out and run. In fact, before yesterday it seemed that I hadn't run in ages (even though you graced me with a few mile warm up a couple of times). I was feeling like I needed to touch base with you and remember what we had.

I don't regret running yesterday and took you up on your offer, even though I knew you had an ulterior motive. I took it slow, running at 7.5 mph on the treadmill for two miles in order to warm up for my shoulder workout. But after that I had to go for another run. We love night runs so I thought I would make you happy. Running in the cool night air like that always made you feel so free and alive. And you can't tell me you didn't feel anything. Running the three miles was invigorating as we huffed our way to the car.

I know, I know. My knees are still tender, and my foot is a little sore still. I felt the messages you were sending in order to warn me to get off the damn street and stop running. It just felt so good! I was looking out for your best interest, though, running an average of 9 min/mile. You didn't have to try and hurt me so bad. Today I feel fine, but I know I will have to lay off running. But I won't/can't do it too long because I have a 5 mile race on Saturday. I already know what you will say, so don't say it. I am doing it and you better adapt. I mean, there are people out there that can run three marathons on back to back days, or a marathon every weekend, and they don't seem the worse for wear. I know we can improve our endurance, and in doing so improve how we feel after such long runs. I won't push you too hard on Saturday, and it is only a 5 miler, but it will be good to get back into the saddle and stretch again, right? So buckle up and take it like a man. I will warn you, though, I am running tonight. Only three miles, but you better be ready. A slow pace will be fine, I know, but if you feel up to it let me know and we will pick up the pace. Then I will give you a break for a few days. Let you rest up before we do the race.

If I don't push you to race harder then who will? You take care of the injury side and I will push us both harder. This I promise. And I will listen to you. I mean, that would be dreadful not being able to visit with you so much. Just taking three days off with no running, and almost 9 days without a long run in and I feel like pulling my hair out! So, until tonight. Come dressed for success.

Your loving friend,


PS I slept great last night because of you. I know I caused some aches and pains, but the sleep was well worth it


Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Brian & Legs--both of you--great, great post!!!

I have a feeling you and your legs are going to be together a long time..."Don't tell me you didn't feel anything" what a line. I enjoy reading your posts. Congrats on your marathon--always an amazing accomplishment--and keep up the great musing and posting..

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Good luck with your battle between good and evil and brain and body! It's hard to moderate enthusiasam coming off a good race.
Thanks for stopping by and offering me the reason to consume cookies. I couldn't do the 3500 calorie math in my head - but always hate to pass up a reason to eat more cookies!

Nancy said...

Hi Brian - Take is easy. Sounds like you know what they are trying to tell you... "some people" running back to back to back marathons probably worked up to it over a long, long time.

Always motivating to read someone who loves to run as much as you do. I'm off to the treadmill!! Hot hot hot here...